Finishing the Road—David Cozac

ISBN: 9781988040370
Price: $22.95

In David Cozac’s meditative novel a compelling cast of characters make their way through 1990s Guatemala, where a long, often brutal, civil war persists. Finishing the Road‘s Canadian, French, and Guatemalan protagonists seek answers to such questions as: “Where does one find connection in a world burdened by rootlessness? How to overcome grief? Where is home for the emotionally adrift?” Cozac introduces the reader to a land beset by loss and to people seeking to end their own pain and begin the process of healing and human connection.

David Cozac was born and raised in Toronto and currently lives in New York City, where he works for the United Nations. In the past, he worked for several human rights organizations, including PEN Canada and Canadian Journalists for Free Expression. Finishing the Road is his first published novel.