Exerpt from “Haunted: An Introduction”, found in In the Dark

Sitting down in your favourite armchair to read this book, you’ll hear the soft swish as you meander from story to story and you’ll think to yourself that the sound of paged turning is soothing. But that’s not the whisper of paper you hear, it’s something else.

Don’t you know? Ghosts haunt books more than any place else: the ghosts of past readers and borrowers, the ghosts of protagonists and antagonists. Ephemeral words have their own ghosts, spirits descending on the arcing trajectory of metamorphed ancient languages. There is no more spook- ridden activity than the reading of books.

And ghosts love books about ghosts more than anything else, for ghosts, if nothing else, are more self-absorbed than the living. So before you sit down quietly at 2:00a.m. ti read this book (for when you read a book of ghost stories, it is always 2:00 a.m.), there are some things I must tell you. Some things to warn you about…

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