Best Canadian Essays 2018

ISBN: 9781988040455
Pub Date: Fall 2018

Featuring trusted series editor Christopher Doda and acclaimed guest editor Mark Kingwell, this tenth installment of Canada’s annual volume of essays showcases diverse nonfiction writing from across the country. Culled from leading Canadian magazines and journals, Best Canadian Essays 2018 contains award-winning and award-nominated nonfiction articles that are topical and engaging and have their finger on the pulse of our contemporary psyches.

Contributors: Peter Babiak, Rob Benvie, Daniel Glassman, Annabel Howard, Michelle Kaeser, Emily M. Keeler, Stephen Marche, Omar Mouallem, Brett Popplewell, Andrew Potter, Kevin Shaw, Richard Teleky, Clive Thompson, Conan Tobias, Meeka Walsh, Samra Zafar, Jan Zwicky

“Fascinating, provocative, sobering and painful… an abundance of artfully expressed ideas” —Toronto Star

Christopher Doda is a poet, editor, and critic living in Toronto. He is the author of three books of poetry, Among Ruins, Aesthetics Lesson, and Glutton for Punishment: Hard Core Glosas. His award-winning nonfiction has appeared in journals across Canada and he was on the editorial board of Exile Editions for over ten years.

Mark Kingwell is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Toronto and a contributing editor of Harper’s Magazine, and has written for publications ranging from Adbusters and the New York Times to the Journal of Philosophy and Auto Racing Digest. Among his books of political and cultural theory are the national bestsellers Better Living, The World We Want, and Concrete Reveries. His most recent book is Fail Better: Why Baseball Matters.