gbtmSince its inception in 2005, Tightrope Books has published a wide range of cutting-edge books, including Elizabeth Ukrainetz’ novel The Theory of Light at Midnight, Karleen Pendleton Jimenez’s memoir How to Get a Girl Pregnant, Keir Lowther’s novel Dirty Bird and our Best Canadian Poetry and Essays series.

Tightrope’s unique vision includes a commitment to publishing exquisite books that mirror and explore cross-cultural conflict and relations. Recent examples include Best Canadian poems by George Eliot Clarke, Shane Rhodes, and Cara-Lyn Morgan; Megan Fernandes’ poetry collection The Kingdom and After and Rosario Lloret’s 2014 novel Wolf in a Beaver Coat. We have further strengthened our strong voice in the LGBTQ community with the publication of Lambda Award-winning Jeffrey Round’s 2014 poetry collection In the Museum of Leonardo da Vinci, Royston Tester’s You Turn Your Back and Marnie Woodrow’s award-winning novel Heyday.

Michael Fraser’s To Greet Yourself Arriving, a powerful collection of poems about the people and culture of the black African Diaspora, was published in 2016. Also in 2016, Tightrope we released Ron Charach’s visionary novel cabana the big, a political satire about gun culture in North America.

Tightrope has established an important cross-country initiative to engage authors writing from specific socio-cultural backgrounds. Our new “Meet Me in…” event brings poets and presses together in a different Canadian city each year to read and discuss poetry on human rights issues. In 2017, this was held at the Aga Khan Museum.

Best Canadian Essays and Best Canadian Poetry help to develop community, create dialogue, and increase the number of individuals—including many emerging authors, sometimes from marginalized communities—published each year. Tightrope walks the line between the existing canon and the next wave of talented writers, while pushing CanLit to be more inclusive.

Now under the direction of our new owner—poet, novelist and social activist—Jim Nason, Tightrope Books invites you to visit discover our books and visit our Tumblr site for event photos and more.